February 3, 2012

Fabulous Friday!

Howdy Folks!

Are you doing your Happy Friday dance yet?

Me neither because the rain makes me want to nap. It's quite alright with me though...I love the rain...and I love naps...and I love that my bulldog loves to nap in the rain. It's a trifecta and a Fabulous Friday for me.

I got some great news yesterday that I wanted to share with my loyal blog readers. We are so excited to be featured on Rent My Dust's awesome blog!

Rita has some of the neatest "dust" I've ever seen and I can't wait to showcase it in my photoshoots this spring! She has everything from vintage elegance to that quirky little piece that tops off any photoshoot or wedding! I recommend her to all my clients that are looking for something to make their photos extra special. Stay tuned for {ms} Bria's senior photos on February 26th featuring some of Rent My Dust's fabulous finds. We are also working on an amazing vintage wedding together in May! I can't wait to show you.

Thanks again Rita for the kind words :) You are a rockstar!

You can read the article here! Show her some love and like her page and mine for that matter...we love feedback!

Happy Friday all!

Make sure to check back Monday for our first styled bridal featuring a fabulous cake by Molly at A Cake in a Treetop and beautiful custom bouquet by long time Forney florist Bow Woods. I got to be very crafty and style the whole thing{i'm a wanna be stylist in my spare time;)} I'm so so excited to show you guys!

Photo pulled from the newly revamped Alice in Wonderland! Be sure to check it out again here!

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