February 29, 2012

{Like two sparrows in a hurricane...} Happy 50th!

If love had a face it would look like my papa's does when he looks at my nana. 

I know next to nothing about statistics but if I were to guess I'd bet the number of people that win the lottery and the number of people that get to celebrate their 50th anniversary are close to the same. 

On March 9, 2012 my wonderful grandparents, Charles and Florence will join that very elite group of folks. I've been so blessed in this life to be surrounded by people who love each other deeply and are committed to the life they made together. I'm so thankful that these two fell in love all those years ago and I'm so blessed to be given a constant example that even in a world where such a love has become a rarity, love can and will stand the test of time and the changes of every season. 

You guys are amazing and I hope one day I can show my family what love is every day like you two have shown me. I love you both more than I could ever write in a card, or in this blog, or even on a billboard for that matter. You are my constant inspiration. Here's to the next 50! 


  1. How lovely pics and congrats to wonderful Grandparents.

  2. i wanna cry every time i see these. i hope we all make it with our spouse for 50 years