March 11, 2012

Three Hoots For Adeline! {Happy 1st Birthday!}

I met Adeline and her sweet Momma about 6 months ago at a baby Halloween Party! When my good friend Sara, from Hunt&Peck, called me to shoot her 1st birthday party I was giddy excited! I knew these gals would create a perfect balance of cute decor for this darlin' little girl and sophisticated touches to take the party over the top!

The owl theme was apparent throughout from the adorable invitations and goodie bags, designed by Hunt&Peck, to the sweet little cupcakes made by Amber and Sara by hand! A-freakin-dorable. If I ever have an ankle biter of my own, you ladies are officially hired as the party planners. You rock!

Happy Birthday to sweet Adeline!! Enjoy :)

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