February 10, 2012

Feature Friday!

I hope all of you have had a wonderful second week of February! Mine was filled with delicious planning boards for upcoming shoots, delicious low carb  peanut butter cookies(recipe to follow) , a not so fun trailer accident, and amazing inspiration from what else? An artichoke. Yep. You'll have to stay tuned for that. 

I'm not one to keep a secret...ever...unless it's really important like that time Dad and I almost burned the kitchen down... See? Terrible secret keeper.

Anyway, one of the best kept secrets in the Dallas area is Hunt and Peck! Sara Rivas is the mastermind behind these handmade cuties. 

Why, who is Sara Rivas you ask? She's only the oh so creative designer of my beloved watermark, of course! I wanted to spill the beans about her to all of my wonderful readers in the blogosphere. Sara. Is. Fabulous. Let me lay out our friendship timeline. 

Sometime in the dark ages before I had my watermark(aka this fall)-- I posted on my Facebook page that I needed some assistance designing a watermark that would represent Tucker Images better and take my little business to the next level.

Withing 10 minutes--Sara replies, "Hey, I can help you out. Let me draw something up."

{and boy did she}

A couple of days later--My inbox was filled with yummy examples and design options for me to choose from...easiest decision ever, right? Um, No. There were so many beautiful designs that I literally couldn't decide. Sara was so patient with me and my twenty something emails. Finally, she helped me narrow it down two..the chair and the birds. Chair or birds? Chair or birds? Back and forth.

Less than a week after my initial cry for help--I came to a command decision with the help of my family, friends, followers, and bulldog that Sara's beautiful birds would be my new watermark and the face for Tucker Images. I could not have been more pleased! 

She took my rambling on and on about yada this and yada that and created the perfect picture to represent me and my company. Like I said...she's the bomb{yes...I said bomb. Deal}

She designs birthday invites, custom wedding invitations, and save the dates! The list goes on. Anything you want to shout from the rooftops or send with good ole' snail mail, Hunt & Peck has got it covered. 

She is designing custom invites for one of my brides in May. Can't wait for this delicious collaboration of Hunt & Peck, Tucker Images, Rent My Dust Vintage Rentals, and Ebony Peoples Events & Design. Holy cow, folks. It's going to be one for the ages. 

Speaking of delicious...I promised you my recipe for Low Carb{wish I could have real desserts but this will have to do almost as good as the original} Peanut Butter Cookies. WHAT a name...I know.


1 1/2 cups of peanut butter(I prefer dreamy creamy for this)
2 eggs(of the chicken variety)
1/2 cup sugar substitute(I use splenda because it's cheaper)
and whatever the tiny little cap equivalent is of vanilla

Mix until combined.
Bake at 350 for 12 minutes. 

I like them better warm but who wouldn't? Hello? It's a cookie!

Check back in with Tucker Images on Monday for our next fairy-tale shoot! I'm STUPID excited about this one. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for more work from Hunt & Peck and Sara{there is definitely a styled bridal with all things birds in the works}! 

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend! Thanks for your constant support and encouragement :) If you're reading this...you're a rockstar!



Adorable right?! I know.


  1. As the mother of the baby girl whose 1st birthday invitations are the adorable owls you see on this blog, this comment will be slightly biased. These little guys are CUTE! So cute, in fact that I'm afraid we may have a fight over whoo gets one and whoo doesn't:) And Sara's knack for detail and ability to completely "get" your vision is unmatched in the world of invites, save the dats, mastheads, etc. Check her out - I promise you it will be worth it!

  2. I've known Sara for just under 20 years and she is one of the most amazing talented individuals I know. My twins will be 1 in May and I have ordered my invites now because I know she will be busy... Why? because she is AWESOME! Check her out!!!