January 23, 2012

The Norris Family {Livin' the Sweet Life}

This family was a BLAST to work with. They are movie watchin' folks so what did we do? Make a living room in downtown Forney of course with candy, popcorn, graffiti and all. It was just too fun.

Jacob and Colt and Dakota and Clayton have been school mates for almost ever so I have been around this family for years. They are so sweet and just full of life and joy. {Mrs} Wendy's eyes dance when she laughs at her three boys. I couldn't get enough and the way they all just crack each other up made my whole day! *warm fuzzies*

She has always been so supportive of me and my work and I couldn't begin to thank her enough for all the kind words she's sent my way.

**Thanks to my crew{Ben, Colt, and Mom} for helping me get everything together and moved for the shoot. Without you guys I would be lost. Love ya!


  1. Amazing! Simply Amazing..Ive been looking through all your photos and I am amazed..both by your talent and your creativity.

  2. Well thank you! You are too sweet :) Stay tuned. Lots and lots of fun stuff coming this spring! Thanks again!