January 3, 2012

2012...Bring it.

I just love winter. It embodies so many things that just really make my day.

1) Sweatshirts...nothing makes me happier than pulling on a big ole'{most of the time Ben's} hoodie. I feel completely justified in wearing it...even if it has a hole or two...even to dinner...even to the movies...even to the {gasp} grocery store.

2) The pseudo feeling that everything is a'changin...I'm a planner. I need something to do constantly. So this very facade that there are new dedications upon the horizon and things to accomplish really just warms me right up inside. In the past I've made resolutions that have lasted just about as long as Kim Kardashian's marriage but not this year. NOPE! I shall make you a sublist of my 2012 {grab my 20's by the horns} Resolutions. I'm a planner {read:lister} so deal.

a) Drink more water...less diet coke. I'm on a caffine buzz most of my waking hours so in 2012 i'm going to purify my bod.

b) Fix my hair more than once a month. My friend Nikki at the Uptown Peacock gave me a rad new coloring and I love it. However, my laziness overtakes my good judgment to fix it. Nikki, in 2012 I will do your beautiful color on my head more justice. Scouts honor.

c) Join a yoga class. Zen and woossah and the suns and all that other yoga stuff...look out!  In 2012, I'm going to become {bendy} Britney.

d) Continue on my Atkin's Adventure. I've been dieting for about two months now. I've had success that is only measured by my loose fitting jeans and compliments from others because I have an aversion to scales. Sue me. In 2012, I'm going to be healthy and confident in my 23 year old {smaller} ass!

e) Pinch Ben less. It makes me giggle everytime...but he hates it so in 2012...I'm going to quit.

3) Back to the first list. THIS winter is more special than most because my long time friend, Kate, is marrying her long time beau, Eric! She's the first one of my close friends to tie the knot and I'm so stinkin' excited for her I could just die. The wedding is this Saturday! Ben is taking me...and I'm wearing a dress. {BOOM} It's purple and awesome and makes my boobs look good. Best purchase of 2011. Congrats you guys :))

4) I love winter because it means spring is next and spring means baseball. I'm ready for my beloved Rangers to have a threepeat. Well, a threepeat sort of. I would like this season to possibly end in a hair less heartbreak...it throws off my whole fall. Go Rangers! {Can I get an Amen?!}

5) Lastly, I love winter because Ben is a human radiator. Despite the {mildy} cold temperatures, I am never ever cold when he's around. Just another reason why he's friggin' perfect and makes me a {happy happy} girl. :)

I love this picture. It's sort of perfect :)

2012 is going to be such a good year for me, my family, and Tucker Images. I, personally, am pumped.

Over and out! Make a list! Get Pumped!

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