March 6, 2012

Grammy's Girls Weekend!

These folks come from every corner of Texas. They all have different smiles. Different eyes. Different hands and different laughs. 

Nonetheless, they all are tied closely together by one everlasting bond: their love for their sweet Grammy. This woman is tough as nails and sweet as honey. I was so honored to photograph her again with her whole family...some still with us and some living only through memory. They were all there on that beautiful Saturday and I was moved and touched by the love they had for each other and the richness of their families story. 

As I worked on these, the stories they told me and the tears they shed pulled at my heart strings. I hope that for the rest of my career I can tell stories like theirs. One of heartache, growth, laughter, loss, love and most of all genuine adoration for the woman that started it all all those years ago. 

Enjoy your preview :) 

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