February 17, 2012

It's Feature Friday and I've got 25 chickens in my living room...

This is the second Friday lately that it's been cloudy and wet! Don't get me wrong I love a good rain but I've got some serious plans the next three days...by plans I mean shoots because Barbara Jean and I don't make plans. We hang out and watch Paula Dean make deserts we can't have. Stupid Atkin's. I digress...I've got two engagement shoots and a family session this weekend and I need the rain to kindly move over to Louisiana until Monday. 

Anyway...It's Feature Friday again and I am SO excited to tell you about Blushing Belle Weddings and Events! I've known Kate, Sarah, and Annette for just shy of 20 years! WOW that makes me feel old that I'm to that point where I can actually remember 20 years ago...lordy. 
Sarah has been my best friend my whole life and she's one of my favorite people on the planet! She's the girl you want to take dress shopping because she'll tell you exactly how it is and when its the one...she'll lethca know! :))
I've always looked up to Kate. She's a little older than Sarah and I and I vividly remember thinking she was the coolest thing since sliced bread and to this day folks...she totally is. She's organized, personable, she listens well and the girls got VISION let me tell ya. She's everything a wedding coordinator should be!
Annette is the most creative person I think I've ever met. Her house is always decorated in that way where you walk in and just feel hugged. She's got the perfect piece in every corner and she has translated those skills beautifully into wedding planning! She's just awesome.  
Kate got married in January and the three of them made the day truly magical. It was a ball fit for a princess and a tribute to Kate's country girl roots. The way they intertwined both was beautiful, creative, and a perfect representation of Kate and Eric's personality! That's what wedding planning is all about, making the day unique to you and the love of your life...
These three girls have started their own coordinating business based out of Forney! They embody everything about Classy Country and I am so excited to see everything they put together this summer...I can't wait to work with you guys on a wedding soon :)

Have a wonderful weekend! 
I'm heading to do the opposite of a rain dance the rest of the afternoon. I'd appreciate the same from you guys. Thanks :)


Oh...you were wondering about the chickens in my living room! I almost forgot. Yes, yes my baby brother has decided that he's going to raise 25 chickens to show in the spring for FFA. They are SO cuddly and cute and warm and loud and soft and they make me never want to eat a chicken nugget again. Barbara Jean, however, hates them. She's been cranky since they got here. Poor baby just doesn't understand why she can't play with them and why on God's green earth they won't kindly stop chirping. Just so you all have a count, the Benedict's now have a pig, 25 chickens, and a bulldog. We're a regular green acres. 

See? Cute right!
Put down the chicken nugget and walk away...
This is Alfred. 
and this one's Walter...
and this is Barbara Jean making her cranky face. 

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