December 29, 2011

{Oh, it's too late baby I've already fallen in love with you}

Kaitlyn and her sweet family are some of my dear friends. Jolie, her awesome momma, set me and my boyfriend up almost 2 years ago. She done good...real good :) I used to coach her baby(by baby I mean she's now 13 and almost as tall as me) sister. Curtis, Sid and I used to have some good times on the ball field. 

I've been photographing {Miss} Kaitlyn for years! She's one of my most favorite people to take pictures of because she has that effortless smile and the one of the prettiest faces I've ever seen. She's truly a natural beauty! 

Her sweet boyfriend, Patrick, left for the Marine Corps a few weeks ago and we decided this would be the perfect surprise for him. Please pray for Patrick and Kaitlyn on their journey as you pray 
for our troops to come home safe! Enjoy :)


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